Name Description
ContentModule Base class for modules EMPTY
ContentModuleAddController No description available EMPTY
ContentModuleEditController No description available EMPTY
ContentModuleField A field for editing @link ContentModule on a page N.B. If setting links on sub-fields, make sure to set OtherID for this, otherwise the action for the sub-field will be shifted off the stack EMPTY
ContentModuleFieldTranslatableExtension Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
ContentModuleHistoryController No description available EMPTY
ContentModuleLanguageExtension Adds base language functionality to @link ContentModule EMPTY
ContentModuleMain The main "content" area of the CMS. EMPTY
ContentModuleMainTranslatableExtension Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
ContentModuleRelationshipEditor No description available EMPTY
ContentModuleRelationshipEditor_Item No description available EMPTY
ContentModuleSettingsController No description available EMPTY
ContentModuleSiteConfigExtension Adds Default Header and Default Footer fields to SiteConfig EMPTY
ContentModuleSiteTreeTranslatableExtension Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
ContentModuleTreeDropdownField Created by JetBrains PhpStorm. EMPTY
ContentModuleUploadField Created by JetBrains PhpStorm. EMPTY
ContentModuleUtilities Created by JetBrains PhpStorm. EMPTY
ContentModule_PageController_Extension Extends the page controller to allow modules to have their own request handling EMPTY
ContentModule_PageExtension Extension class for adding ContentModule functionality to pages EMPTY
ContentModulesController No description available EMPTY
DashboardRecentModuleEditsPanel Defines the "Recent Module Edits" dashboard panel type EMPTY
FooterBaseModule Base module for implementing a Footer. Inherit this module to create a footer, default footer module can be selecting in SiteConfig. Pages can overwrite the default footer EMPTY
HeaderBaseModule Base module for implementing a Header. Inherit this module to create a header, default header module can be selecting in SiteConfig. Pages can overwrite the default header EMPTY
HeaderBaseModule_Controller No description available EMPTY
ImageModule Module for displaying images, multiple images creates a slideshow EMPTY
ModuleAsController No description available EMPTY
ModuleController Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
ModuleCreationTest No description available EMPTY
TextModule A module for displaying text, if summary, main text is hidden until expanded EMPTY
VisualEditor Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
VisualEditorSilverStripeNavigator Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
VisualEditor_EditModule Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY
VisualEditor_ManageModule Created by PhpStorm. EMPTY